Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to inform you that we can offer a scholarship from the French government for a Master course at ESA (Master of Science or Master’s degree in Engineering) to your students currently graduating or already graduated with their Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences.
The experience of the past years showed that this EIFFEL excellence program is mostly granted to students coming for a double degree, but it is open to any  French speaking student with a very good academic performance,  motivated for studying at a Master level in France.
The application process is as follows :
o   Applications to be submitted on OLAGE :
o   No later than 30 November 2016
o   Applications accepted by ESA academic Committee will be sent to CAMPUS FRANCE EIFFEL no later than 6 January 2017
o   Results announcement on CAMPUS FRANCE EIFFEL website in March 2017
o   The amount is 1181 euros per month (minimum 12 months, maximum 24 months)

Attention : Applications to the EIFFFEL excellence program are open only for these 3 programs (as shown on OLAGE)

For futher information come to main building (10), room № 15.